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It’s all about the big picture.

Black Box Studio is a commercial and creative photography studio, unique in its human scale and its tailor-made approach to food, drinks and still-life shoots.

Choosing to shoot your commercials in studio means freeing your ideas from limitations. Just imagine having a theater at your disposal with all the equipment and technicians needed to stage your visions.

This is Black Box Studio : a space where inventive technology interplays with inspiration, where products transform into exquisite images and where customers get transformed into audience.


A truly attentioned grasp on lighting
— this is our thing !

At Black Box Studio we give particular emphasis to the quality of lighting in order to create an absolutely perfect atmosphere> that tells your story and makes your products exquisite.

This is what we do, but don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of our work.

Passionate about our craft, we see commercial photography & film-making as a collaborative process.

Research and shared experience play a central role in our approach to visual touch-points — both with our creative staff and with our clients.

Our fully equipped modular studio and our highly skilled roster of creative professionals ensure a platform, unparalleled in its autonomy and versatility.


We team up depending on the project

Along with photographer Olivier Chenoix, members of our creative team, include food stylists, freelance producers and art directors, retouchers, graphic designers, mock-up artists, set builders, video editors and others depending on the project’s needs.

We are a highly experienced commercial photography studio. Orchestrating diverse skills in creative synergy, we create (your) unique points of view.


Everything you need in one place!

We have a high-end and versatile equipment that lets us tackle any of your projects.

The control over the desired atmosphere can only be provided through precision and optical quality.

Dedolight allows us to achieve outstanding evenness of colour temperature and light intensity, create richer gradations and the sharpest control over the lighted area.

Moreover,these tungsten lights provide the ideal connection between photo and video shooting.

For High-Speed photography we use elite flashes from Broncolor, which also guarantees a constant colour temperature over the entire control range.

We also own for all of our in - studio shootings, 2 autonomous sets of optics and digital backs from Sinar and of course an all-around and up-to-date collection of DSLRs.

  • Calibrated Screens
  • Hi-end Digital Backs
  • Large Format, Medium Formats Cameras and DSLRs
  • Broncolor Flashes with all the accessories
  • Tungsten Lights from Dedolight / ADB / Polaris : from 100w to 2000w
  • a lots of props and set elements
  • ...


Spacious / Industrial / Fully Equipped

You'll find us in a spacious yet intimate industrial space in the “portuary” district of Brussels, next to the canal, just a bit north of Brussels’ “Manhattan”.

Our studio is a completely modular ground-floor space. Heated and wifi connected, it is also equipped with a full kitchen, a large and comfortable meeting-room, and a complete post production station.

Black Box Studio also boast facilities such as a terrace for breaks, a make-up corner with shower for models, and plenty of parking to accommodate large vehicles.

Our unique space offers the flexibility and ease to realize tailor-made shoots of all shapes and sizes : from a warm table top detail to an ambitious outdoor scene.


Black Box Studio - Brussels - Belgium